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Book Swap

In an effort to encourage reading in our school and at home our Friends of the Drive Council have come up with a fun and exciting activity called Book Swap.  


If your child has a book(s) at home that he/she has finished reading, just bring the book into school and exchange it for a Book Swap token.  The book will be placed in our book swap tub along with other books that have been brought in.  


Your child may then get a new book from the tub or keep their token until a book of their fancy comes in.  


Please note, however, that when your child puts a book in the Book Swap tub, that book becomes available for other student’s to take home.   I ask the following of the book(s) your child may bring in for Book Swap; it needs to be a book that your child is happy to give away, it needs to be in a suitable condition and it needs to be an age appropriate book.  


I hope that we can recycle lots of books throughout the year and most importantly children enjoying reading more often!!!!!