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Good school attendance is vital for each child to reach their full  potential.  At The Drive Primary School  we expect a minimum attendance of 96% over the school year for each pupil. Pupils who maintain good attendance can expect to receive rewards throughout the academic year.


Each half term we reward pupils who achieve 100% school attendance with a book to take home and share with their family.


It is no coincidence that higher attendance leads to higher academic achievement and the Department for Education expect that each pupil should achieve at least 96% school attendance. Over the last two years the attendance at The Drive has increased by well over 2% and we do not underestimate the impact that parental support has had in ensuring improved attendance. With your continued support we know that we can make further gains to build on these successes further.

When we have concerns regarding individual pupil attendance we will invite you into school to our newly established Attendance Panel.  This is an opportunity for you to discuss your child's school attendance and where appropriate punctuality.  From this point we may take the following steps to improve your child's school attendance/punctuality:


  • Place your child's school attendance on a four week monitoring period with a view to seeing an improvement
  • Contact your child's GP,  with your consent,  to establish if your child has medical needs which may prevent them from attending school
  • With your consent,  make a referral to the school nursing team, to put in place a care plan to help establish good patterns of school attendance/punctuality
  • Where we feel, we have exhausted all supportive options, we will look to refer your child's school attendance to the Local Authority with a view to securing a fine or prosecution in the Magistrate's Court


There are still a few children who are arriving at school well after the start of the school day. Please can the parents of these children make an effort to get the children to school on time. When children are late for school they miss out on  the start of the lesson and they often struggle to catch up on missed work, which makes it very difficult for children to finish a task to the best of their ability.  


Our school day begins at 8.55am. 


Please can we also ask that parents are here on time to pick up at the end of the school day, the  school day finishes at 3:15pm. 

Important information - Persistent Absence rates are changing from September 2015



Getting to school on time is part of learning to become a responsible and reliable person.


  • Our school day begins at 8:55am
  • If you are running late please telephone the school office on 0191 4210390  
  • On arrival at school, please report to the school office so that your child can be marked in the register



10 TOP TIPS for getting to school on time!


  • get your school clothes ready the night before
  • pack your schoolbag and homework the night before
  • don't go to bed late
  • set the alarm clock/mobile phone 5 minutes earlier
  • enjoy your breakfast
  • don't watch television
  • get washed and dressed
  • leave for school at the same time each morning (set yourself a target time to leave the house and reward yourself for being on time!)
  • arrange to walk to school with a friend or,
  • arrange to meet your friends in the playground for a catch up before school


Result:  You won't feel rushed and worried about being late for school, and you won't be missing what the rest of your class are learning!



Regular school attendance plays an important part in helping your child grow up to become a reliable and responsible person.   There are now clear links between regular school attendance and children's attainment in later life. 


Every Day Counts

365 Days in


ONLY 190 are school days!            Absence                 
100% Attendance         190 days in school             0           
95% Attendance 180 days in school Up to 2 weeks
90% Attendance  171 days in school Up to 4 weeks
85% Attendance 161 days in school Up to 6 weeks
80% Attendance 152 days in school More than 1/2 a term
75% Attendance 143 days in school 9+ weeks absence


Danger Zone: While GCSE's may seem along way off, as few as 19 missed days over the school year may reduce your child's chances of sucess.


We aim for every child to achieve at least 96% attendance. 


Our whole school attendance target is to achieve 96.5% or above.