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Welcome to The Drive Community Primary School


‘We are the creators of dreams and the citizens of the future’


On behalf of the staff, children and governors, we would like to welcome you to The Drive Primary Community School.


Our school motto is, ‘Together we Learn and Grow’ and at the Drive, we truly believe that every child can be successful and is born to shine. In our last Ofsted inspection, November 2017, the inspector noted that, ‘A culture of ‘only the best will do’ prevails and a busy, happy buzz is perceptible throughout.’ We believe this to be true and aim for all our children to leave feeling proud of their successes and ready for their next adventure.


Currently, we have 200 children on roll and continue to grow! We strive to give our children the best start and where possible, have teaching assistants timetabled to ensure the highest level of support is given to all year groups.


We are proud to be an inclusive, happy, healthy school that supports each individual to achieve their full potential. Every child is valued and nurtured to become a life-long learner within an aspirational, stimulating and safe environment by encouraging a can-do culture.


Our caring and nurturing staff have high expectations of all pupils academically, socially and personally to ensure maximum progress in all areas. We ensure that all stakeholders help to shape and mould the school, including parents and carers, where they play a vital role in the educational process and all aspects of school life.


We celebrate individuality, diversity and ensure that children are encouraged to flourish in a safe, caring and healthy environment, promoting physical and mental wellbeing at all times.


We provide opportunities to celebrate the diversity within their community and wider world, preparing them to become active citizens.


I feel proud and privileged to be in the position I am in. The children at The Drive are amazing; I am constantly in awe of all they achieve. I hope to see our children continue to flourish in the future.


Best wishes,


Rebecca Farren

Head Teacher