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Passwords were given out to your child in September but please ask your child’s teacher for passwords if you need them.


Maths - A task will be set on MyMaths every Monday to be completed by Friday.


Spellings – These are stuck in your child’s contact book on Monday to be taken home and learned for a test on Friday. They are also on our website in Classes -Year 5.


Reading – 20mins  3-4 times a week.  This can be done independently or with an adult and must be recorded in Home School Contact books. 


Reading Plus- Five reading lessons and one vocabulary lesson are assigned per week. This is to be completed both at home and school by Friday. 


Reading and Contact Books Reading is so important for the development of your child and is key to learning. With this in mind, we encourage you to read as much with your child as possible. This could be through reading stories with them, or to them as part of your bedtime routine.


‘Reading is food for the mind and soul’


Please ensure that reading and contact books are returned to school every Monday so spellings can be added and every Wednesday for reading records to be checked. 


 If you have any questions regarding the homework, please contact school or email Mrs Graham