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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Attendance trip to Felling park

Welcome to Year 3 Autumn 2022.

We have been busy learning "The Lion" poem by Roald Dahl, investigating rocks, learning about Stone Age and beginning to read "Stone Age Boy" by Satoshi Kitamura.

Autumn term leaflet for parents and carers

Year 3 have enjoyed finding out about the Ancient Egyptians

Year 3 local history walk

Year 3 with the Hensioners beginning Jubilee dance project

Watch out - The Romans are coming!

Children`s Mental health and Well being week

Interfaith Week 31st January -4th February 2022

Year 3  had a Zoom meeting with Imran who told them all about the life of Mohammed and Muslims. They also has a Zoom meeting with David, a Christian, who held a question and answer session with the whole school before reading a "Geordie" version of  "The Good Samaritan." They also had a visit from a member of the Jewish community who talked about the Jewish faith. Lots of the children could remember facts from their studies last year. They  decorated the yard with Islamic art using pastels and shared everything they had learned about Islam with the rest of the school during Fridays whole school zoom assembly.

Year 3 Yearly Overview
Information for Children, Parents and Carers

Autumn Term Booklet 2021

Spring Term Booklet 2022

Year 3 Christmas party

Year 3 have been very busy during Eco Week. We looked at the different recycling symbols on a variety of rubbish. We worked on an art project with an artist as well as recycling empty plastic bottles to create hanging planters and bird feeders. We also listened to the story of Freddy the fish and how his clean water was affected by lots of pollution and the impact it had on his life.

Anti-bullying Week One Kind word

Year 3 made paper aeroplanes and decorated them with kind words. they enjoyed sending them to each other. They also decorated pebbles and gave them to each other as an act of kindness.