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Year 4 Spring Term Information for Children, Parents and Carers

Year 4 Autumn Term Information for Children, Parents and Carers

Some of Year 4 attend opening of the orchard garden at Wood Green where they worked on an inter generational project to make garden plaques

This will help you learn your tables

Please remember to learn your times tables regularly.  This will help you with a lot of your work.



Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to Year 4!  We are going to have a really busy year this year, but there is also lots to look forward to.


Here are some important reminders that you need to be aware of:

PE Kit is needed on Tuesdays and Fridays

Reading books need to be brought in every Thursday

Homework progress checks are every other Thursday. Specific dates will be on homework grid.


The children will receive their homework grids on the first week of term week. They must have collected 15 points by the end of term in order to come to the Homework party.

They will also have spelling handed out in sets lasting 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, there will be a spelling test which will test children's knowledge of all spelling rules learnt. 


Please bring book bags and home school contact books in everyday as letters and comments often get sent out and these can be placed safely in their book bags. 

Summer Topic Web 2019

Spring Topic Web 2019

Autumn 2018 Topic Web

Life Centre and Circuits and Conductors Workshop

Our Trip to the Life Centre

As we look at electricity in Science, we visited the Life Centre to attend a Circuits and conductors workshop. We made lots of circuits and tested different materials to see if they were a conductor of insulator. We also found out if humans were a conductor by using ourselves in an experiment. 

The other exhibitions were great fun too! We even faced our fears and all went on the 4D motion ride.




Our Trip to the Discovery Museum

Our Trip to the Discovery Museum

Year 4 went to the Discovery Museum to see how Newcastle had changed over time. The fun exhibitions showed us the old Tyne Bridge and how the Quayside used to be busy with boats all the time. This is very different from how we know it today! There are only a couple of boats in the river at any given time and several bridges across it all the time. 

We also got to explore and play in the other exhibitions.


European Languages Day

European Languages Day

Yassou! Year 4 celebrated European Languages Day by looking at the Greek language. We practiced typical greetings and then made a Greek Noah's Ark. 

We made the Greek flag of course and then tried some Greek food. We enjoyed olives, feta cheese, pitta bread (warmed up courtesy of Ms. Brand) and then dipped this all into hummus. It was super tasty!

Celebrating the end of our project with the Pensioners at Wood Green

more photos of celebration