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Who's Who / Governing Body Regulations

Who's Who

These are the 10 people who make up the Governing Body of The Drive Community Primary School. They are current parents, representatives of the local authority, co-opted members, and the school staff. For more information or to contact a Governor contact the school office.


AppointmentsTypeStart DateEnd Date
Mrs S. DuffCo-opted22.10.2021.10.24
Ms E. JohnsonCo-opted20.10.2219.10.26
Mrs S. JohnsonCo-opted07.04.2206.04.26
Mrs R. FarrenHead Teacher01.09.19-
Mrs A. WheelerLocal Authority14.02.1913.02.23
Miss R. AllanParent05.12.2304.12.27
Mrs K. CuthbertsonAssociate09.09.2006.09.24
Mrs P. EllisAssociate18.10.2217.10.26
Mrs A. DixonParent21.10.2220.10.26
Miss N. JohnsonParent




Governing Body Regulations (Maintained Schools)

  • Governors are appointed/elected as follows:
    • Co-opted - appointed by the governing body
    • Foundation - appointed by the Diocese (or the PCC if appropriate - there may also be provision in the Instrument of Government for the parish priest to be ex-officio)
    • Headteacher - ex-officio
    • Local Authority - appointed by the governing body, following approval of the 'nomination' by the LA
    • Parent/Staff - elected by parents/staff respectively
  • Governing bodies must have at least seven governors, including the Headteacher; one and only one Local Authority governor; one and only one Staff governor; at least two Parent governors; and for Voluntary Aided schools, there must be exactly two more Foundation governors than all other categories combined.
  • The total number of Co-opted governors who are also eligible to be elected as Staff governors, when counted with the
  • Staff governor and the Headteacher, must not exceed one third of the total membership of the governing body.
  • The term of office for any governor shall be four years (unless otherwise stated in the Instrument of Government), save that this time limit shall not apply to any post which is held ex officio. Associate Members can be appointed for between one and four years. Parent governors may serve out their term of office when their child leaves the school, but Staff governors must resign when they leave the school.
  • Associate Members and governors who are members of staff cannot be Chair or Vice-Chair. Associate Members also do not count towards a quorum and do not have voting rights for governing body meetings (but can be appointed with voting rights on committees).
  • The governing body must hold at least three meetings in every school year, and the quorum for a meeting of the governing body and for any vote on any matter at such a meeting, is one half (rounded up to a whole number) of the membership of the governing body, i.e. the number of governors in post at the date of the meeting.
  • Every question to be decided at a meeting of the governing body is to be determined by a majority of the votes of the governors present and voting on the question, and where there is an equal division of votes the Chair, or as the case may be, the person who is acting as Chair for the purposes of the meeting (provided that such person is a governor), will have a second or casting vote (the governing body may approve alternative arrangements for governors to participate or vote at meetings of the governing body including but not limited to by telephone or video conference).