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Nursery Autumn Term Information for Children, Parents and Carers

Summer Planning

Spring 1 Planning

Happy Christmas everyone!

Happy Christmas everyone! 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Take a look at some of the spooky activities we enjoyed. Everyone looked fantastically scary in their outfits!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Autumn Activities

Autumn Activities 1
Autumn Activities 2
Autumn Activities 3
Autumn Activities 4
Autumn Activities 5
Autumn Activities 6

Autumn Planning

Can you believe it is Summer term already???


For this half term Nursery will be learning all about different types and fruit and veg.  This will include growing our very own vegetables, tasting and cooking with lots of different fruit and veg and talking about what we need to eat to stay healthy.



Summer Term 1 Activities

We are learning all about BEARS!!!!!!


This term in Nursery we are going to be looking at the stories Goldilocks and the three bears and We're going on a bear hunt.  


Have a look at the planning below to see what we will be getting up to and don't forget to keep an eye out in your child's home school contact book for lots of ideas on how to extend learning at home.  

Planning - Spring Term

Halloween party 2

Halloween party 2 1
Halloween party 2 2
Halloween party 2 3
Halloween party 2 4
Halloween party 2 5
Halloween party 2 6
Halloween party 2 7
Halloween party 2 8

Halloween party

Halloween party  1
Halloween party  2
Halloween party  3
Halloween party  4
Halloween party  5
Halloween party  6
Halloween party  7
Halloween party  8

During the last half term Nursery had lots of fun exploring their new classroom and playing with their new friends.

Have a little look at what we have been doing... 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Have a look at what we will be doing in Nursery this term!!!

Have a look at what we will be doing in Nursery this term!!! 1 Possible lines of development linked to Bears!

Well done Nursery you were fantastic in your Christmas Nativity!

Well done Nursery you were fantastic in your Christmas Nativity!  1
Well done Nursery you were fantastic in your Christmas Nativity!  2
Well done Nursery you were fantastic in your Christmas Nativity!  3

Christmas Party!!!

Christmas Party!!! 1
Christmas Party!!! 2
Christmas Party!!! 3
Christmas Party!!! 4
Christmas Party!!! 5
Christmas Party!!! 6
Christmas Party!!! 7
Christmas Party!!! 8
Christmas Party!!! 9
Christmas Party!!! 10
Christmas Party!!! 11
Christmas Party!!! 12

Welcome to Nursery 


This term our topic is ‘My heroes’. We like to plan around children’s ideas and interests so if your child has any suggestions please bring them to our attention.  

Planning for Autumn Term

Thank you for attending our Stay and Play Day! 

It was lovely to see you all come to our Stay and Play Day. The children really enjoyed the day and we enjoyed showing the parents and carers around the Nursery. 

Our chicken eggs are here!

Our chicken eggs are here!  1 Day 2 of our chicken eggs
Our chicken eggs from Bill Quay Farm have arrived in Nursery. We will keep you posted when they start to hatch! 

Hello Summer Term! 

Welcome back to school after your Easter break. This term we are learning all about Minibeasts. Do you know any Minibeasts ? If you do then it would be brilliant if you shared it with Nursery. 


This term, we have planned a Stay and Play Day for Parents and Carers on Tuesday the 26th and Wednesday the 27th of April. If you plan on joining us, then you only need to attend one of the days above. Please tell Nursery which day you wish to attend.

Nursery Summer Term Planning Minibeasts

'Huff Puff Art'

Learning about numbers using Numicon

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our Parents and Carers! 

We have had a brilliant Autumn term at The Drive Primary School Nursery. Our topic for Spring term is 'Fairy Tales'. We will be looking at different Fairy Tales weekly so keep an eye on the Weekly Newsletter for more information.




Christmas Party 


We had a lovely time at our Christmas Party. Thank you for all the party food donations from the Parents and Carers. We even had a special visitor to our party! Have a look at the children in their fab outfits. 

Nursery Nativity 

We had an excellent time learning The Nativity Story. Thank you to all Parents and Carers for coming to see us perform in our Nativity. I think you will agree that it was fantastic and it was a perfect way to celebrate a special time of the year. 

Thank you!!! 


Miss McIvor and Mrs Spour would like to say thank you for supporting our colours of the week theme and bringing in lots of different objects. We have had great fun looking at what you have brought in and sharing it with the class. Keeping looking at the weekly newsletter to find out any information. 

What a fun start to the year! 


We have been really busy in Nursery. So far, this term we have made bread, explored our new outdoor area and learnt all about our colours. We have had an excellent time! Have a look at the photographs to see if you can see yourself! 

Learning about shape

We love reading books in Nursery!

Exploring the light box and learning all about colours

Look at our lovely new outdoor area!

Autumn Term Planning


Thank you!




We would like to thank all of you who attended our Stay and Play day at Nursery. All of the staff at The Drive Nursery had an excellent time and it was lovely to see all of the parents and carers supporting us. Thank you!!!

Road Safety Visit


We had a Road Safety Visit at Nursery. We talked about how important it is to be careful when crossing roads and making sure we are holding our adults hand. It was great fun learning about how to stay safe. We learnt a new song too! It is the same tune as 10 green bottles and it goes like this:


'Stop, Look and Listen,

Before you cross the road.

Stop, Look and Listen,

Before you cross the road.

Use your eyes,
Use your ears,

Before you use your feet,

Stop, Look and Listen,

Before you cross the street'.


Road Safety Visit

Welcome back to School! 




We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Our topic for spring term is all about Pets and Animals. We are going to have lots of fun! If you have pets at home we would love to hear from you, you could bring in pictures of your animal for us to look at. 

Getting ready for Christmas

Children in Need


Last week, Nursery made cakes for Children in Need. We melted the chocolate, and with help from Miss McIvor we stirred in puffed cereal. The cakes were sold in the cake sale and we hope you enjoyed them!

Making cakes for Children in Need

Request for Baby Product Bottles!


We have recently changed our water area in Nursery to a baby bath. We have dolls, flannels and sponges in this area. We really enjoy learning how to keep ourselves clean and pretending to look after babies. We really need more Baby Product bottles (Shampoo, Bubble Bath etc) that are empty to put in this area. If you have any going spare at home then it would be brilliant if you could bring them in for us!



Welcome to Nursery!

Miss McIvor,Mrs Spour and Mrs Grant are very excited to have you back for the new school year. This term, our topic is all about ourselves and celebrations.



If you are a new starter to the nursery we welcome you to our school. On your start date, can you please make sure that you return all the forms back that we gave you on home visits to the nursery. This webpage will be updated frequently  with all the information you need to know.


Don't forget to bring in your book bags on Tuesday and Friday!