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Science at The Drive Primary School

Science Overview

The Science coordinator is part of a science network team, who have produced a full scheme of work that links directly to the new NC. Training has been delivered (science consultant), who works very closely with the science coordinator and teaching staff. This is to ensure the DOP is being used and taught (blocks of 2 weeks), through models and investigative methods. Resource audits are disseminated yearly to ensure all teachers have the resources they require in order to teach using the DOP (Dual Objective Planning) effectively.


Displays are evident in each classroom across both key stages. These displays include statements from the assessment board depending on the classes’ current stage. Teachers use these displays to assess understanding and adapt their teaching accordingly. These statements are also evident in all weekly plans and in children’s books.


What does Science assessment look like at The Drive?

All subjects, apart from Maths and English (TIPPS), have the same assessment document. Science, like the other subjects, use skills to assess whether a child has not met, met or exceeded expectations in a specific skills/objective.  Each topic focuses on two different objectives (DOP), the objectives are partnered with specific criteria, which support the children’s learning and in hand allows them to meet the objectives. The key objectives are as follows:  Explaining Science, Classification, Designing Experiments, Data, Tables & Graphs and Making Conclusions. Assessment records should be completed half-termly and saved in the coordinators assessment file. Annotated photographs and children’s work is used as evidence for moderation, data updates and analysis, which is carried out by the science subject leader. A standards file is also available for each year group; this is to support teachers in their assessment judgments.


Working with the other professionals and raising the profile of Science.

As part of the PSQM, the main focus was to raise the profile of science across the school. After a meeting with Think Physics, a partnership has been formed. The Think Physics team help deliver and support staff through: workshops; training sessions; CPD; career advice and aspirations for the future in STEM and plan for school trips. All teachers will have the opportunity to work with the

Think Physics team, with the long-term plan of creating a working environment where all staff are confident and enthusiastic about the teaching of Science. This will also have an impact on the children.


We continue to have a direct link with Phil Watkins (STEM Science Consultant). He supports The Drive with the teaching and assessment of Science through the DOP. Phil is also responsible for running all Science network meetings, which take place 3 times yearly.