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Wellbeing and Mental Health

Simple ways to boost your child's self-esteem brochure

Advice for Families - Families, parenting, Mental Health Advice and Healthy Relationships 

Summer Holiday Activity Pack

Download for free by clicking on the following link:

The pack is filled with activities to help boost happy hormones and manage mental wellbeing during the summer holidays. 

The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field.

A charming tale of bravery and embracing change.

Powerful Inspirational true story...Never give up!

When you don't give up, you cannot fail!

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Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?

Simple, easy-to-understand whiteboard animation to help children gain an understanding of the way their brains work to recognise and manage their emotions.

Wellbeing Resources for Parents and Carers

Wellbeing Letter to Parents and Carers - How are we supporting your child?