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WB 11.9.23 -Tested 15.9.23

Rule:Words that are often confused.

Tip:Nouns typically end in -ce and verbs typically end in -se.










WB 18.9.23- tested 22.9

Rules: Homophones- two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling.

1. aisle - a gangway between seats       

2. isle- an island           

3. aloud- out loud        

4. allowed- permitted

5. affect- usually a verb (The weather may affect our plans.)

6. effect- usually a noun (The weather may have an effect on out plans)

7. altar- a table or flat-topped block used as the focus for a religious ritual 

8. alter- to change



WB 25.9-tested 29.9

Rules: Homophones- two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling.

 1. morning-  before noon            

2. mourning- grieving for someone who has died      

3. cereal- made from grain        

4. serial- a secession of things one after the other 

5. compliment- to make nice remarks about someone 

6. complement- to make something more complete (eg. Her scarf complemented her outfit)

7. dessert- a sweet course after a meal

8. desert- a barren place



WB 2.10.23 -tested 6.10.23

Rules: Homophones and words not to be confused.


1. led- past tense of the verb lead       

2. lead- present tense of the verb lead OR a metal (eg. heavy as lead)     

3. past- noun or adjective referring to a previous time (eg. in the past) OR preposition OR adverb showing place (eg. He walked past me.)

4. passed- past tense of the verb pass (eg. I passed him in the road.)

5. precede- go in front of or before 

6. proceed- go on

7. principal- adjective- most important (eg. principal ballerina) OR noun- important person (eg. principal of a college)

8. principle- basic truth or belief



WB 9.10.23- tested on 13.10.23 

Rules: Homophones and words not to be confused

 1. stationary-not moving        

 2. stationery- paper, envelopes etc.          

 3. steel- metal                         

 4. steal - take something that is not yours 

5. wary -cautious 

6. weary- tired

7. whose- belonging to someone (eg. Whose is that jacket?)   

8. who’s- contraction of who is or who has


WB 16.10.23 tested on 20.10.23 

Rules: Words ending in –cious

Tip: If the root word ends in –ce, the /sh/ sound is spelt as ‘c’.

 e.g. vice= vicious, grace= gracious, space = spacious

  1. spacious    4. delicious    7. conscious    10. gracious

  2. vicious      5. malicious    8. atrocious

  3. precious   6. suspicious   9.ferocious      




Year 5 Spellings w/c 6th November 2023

Test on Friday 10th November 2023

Rules: Adjectives ending in –ious

  1. anxious       4. contagious       7. obnoxious  
  2. devious       5. luxurious         8. delirious
  3. religious     6. rebellious        

Year 5 Spellings w/c 13th November 2023

Test on Friday 17th November 2023


 Rules: Words from the statutory word list- ‘c’ makes the ‘s’ sound before ‘i’, ‘e’ and ‘y’

  1. cemetery      4. criticise       
  2. excellent      5. existence    7. prejudice
  3. convenience  6. hindrance    8.sacrifice 

Year 5 Spellings w/c 20th November 2023

Test on Friday 24th November 2023

Rule: Words ending in –able

1. adorable             4. tolerable        7. doable       
2. fashionable        5. acceptable      8. enjoyable
3. considerable       6. avoidable     



Year 5 Spellings w/c 27th November 2023

Test on 1st December 2023

Rules: Words ending in –ible

1. sensible      4. visible             7. invincible      
2. possible      5. incredible       8. gullible
3. terrible      6. responsible 



Year 5 Spellings w/c 4th December 2023

Test on Friday 8th December 2023

Rules: Words ending in –ably  or -ibly     

1. regrettably     4. considerably     7. incredibly
2. noticeably       5.comfortably      8.visibly
3. reasonably      6. horribly      


Year 5 Spellings w/c 11th December 2023

Test on Friday 15th December 2023

Christmas vocabulary:

1. festive        4.baubles      7. Rudolph
2. reindeer      5.sleigh         8.ornaments
3. tradition     6. wreath