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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Home work grids will be given out at the beginning of the term. They should be completed throughout the term and completed work should be handed in at Progression checks.


Progression checks and Final due date will be on the homework grids themselves. You need at least 15 points to receive a treat or invitation to the Homework Party.


Please make sure all homework is completed for the final due date.



Spelling will be given out every 4 weeks. On your handout there will be a spelling rule with 4 weeks worth of words to learn. It is important that these are practiced and revised at home. 


Reading books

It would be highly appreciated if you could support your child weekly with their reading and record your comments in their Home/School contact books so we can monitor how frequent your child is reading at home.  It is important that they are reading regularly at home. Home/ School contact books should be handed in on Mondays.


Thank you,

Miss Butler






Spring Term Parent Booklet

Year 6 Autumn Term Information for Children, Parents and Carers


Here are some useful SATS revision links; click on the links to visit the sites.

Keep going with your 10 minute tests booklets, remembering to bring them along to your booster classes. 


Keep doing your best Year 6!!!


Miss Butler


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