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Design and Technology

All pupils should study DT: the fields of design, technology, and design and technology have provided important cultural achievements that children need to understand and appreciate.  James Dyson, Gordon Ramsey, Vivian Westwood are among a few who are designing and creating products that have changed the way we possibly dress, eat and run our homes - all inspirations. 


Through our newly developed DT curriculum, our children’s experience of DT is as real as we can possibly make it, teaching them new skills (joining materials, sewing, creating plates of food that fit a criteria); encouraging and teaching them how to evaluate and make changes (our first attempt may not be perfect) and produce products that are 'real' and could be used in the 'real world'. It is essential that we are teaching our children that the products of Design and Technology impact on every moment of our lives. The chair you are sitting on now, the clothes you are wearing, the food you have eaten today – real products, designed by real people, for real people, for a real purpose.


Please find examples of our curriculum (NC has been followed) and how our topics are structured - it's all about developing confidence, skills and knowledge. Our children are designers and creators of the future. 


If you should require any further information with regards to our curriculum coverage, please speak to a member of staff.


Design Brief - Yearly Curriculum Overview

Autumn 2 - what is being covered?

Lesson Progression Examples