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Christmas tree decorations from 27 schools in Europe

Inter-faith week with art and drama activities

Visitors from Sweden teaching us about the Dala horse and St Lucia celebrations

School Games Day celebrating Cricket World Cup - Year 3

Learning Simple Swedish and listening to stories by Swedish authors October 2018 and March 2019

Learning Simple Swedish and listening to stories by Swedish authors October 2018 and March 2019 1
Learning Simple Swedish and listening to stories by Swedish authors October 2018 and March 2019 2

European Day of Languages 2018 Year 3 -Czech

European Day of Languages 2018 Year 3 -Czech 1
European Day of Languages 2018 Year 3 -Czech 2

World Book Day celebrations

International Day of Happiness - 20th March 2018

International Day of Happiness - 20th March 2018 1

International Day of Happiness - Year 1 and Year 3

We have been talking about things that made us happy. We wrote a list of the most important ones and shared them with the class. We also found out about what makes children in other parts of the world happy, after watch some video clips on the British Council schhols resource website.


After finding out where Ethiopia was, in Africa, we found out about a little girl called Amran.  Ask your child if they can remember what made them as well as the little girl.

International Women`s Day

International Women`s Day 1

Pupils will be investigating a variety of inspirational women, from now and in the past, as part of their studies on International Women`s Day. Why not ask you child who they have been finding out about?


Year 3 have been finding out about Malala Yousafzai.

World Maths Day- competing with other pupils around the world

You may or may not know that World Religions Day falls on Sunday 21st January 2018.  It is important that pupils are aware of religions around the world and are given opportunities to develop respect and tolerances by becoming better informed about how and why people worship in different ways.  The more knowledgeable they are about different religious beliefs the better chance they will have of living in harmony. 

Children already learn about specific religions appropriate to their age groups but over  the next few days  we will be  providing the opportunity to extend their learning even further.    

Investigating lots of different artefacts from different religions on World Religion Day

Tasting Panettone and Pandoro

Our Swedish visitors telling us about Sweden, Dala horses and St Lucia festival-November 2017

We are very happy to welcome a Swedish teacher and 2 Swedish students to our school. They are going to be working in our school and telling us all about life in Sweden as well as Christmas customs.


Photos to follow

World Food Day 16th October 2017

The whole school investigated different aspects of food as part of our Wold Food Day celebrations on 16th October 2017. Early Years investigated and tasted the fruits from "Hands Surprise," Year 1 and 4  investigated pineapples, year 2 investigated bananas, Year 3 looked at food labels on food to see where in the world they came from, Year 5 investigated chocolate and Year 6 investigated where in the world specific foods came from to make a tuna pasta bake and a fruit salad. Please look on each Year group page to see photos of what they did.

European Day of Languages 26th September 2017

Snow Dog trail with Swedish teachers

Today 8 Year 6 pupils accompanied 4 Swedish teachers who are visiting our school on a Snow Dog trail of the local area. We managed to find 37 in total. We visited the Angel, Millennium bridge, Quayside, Tescos, Central Library and the Sage.


How many have you found so far?

International School Award presentation

Adam and Kyla from Year 4 went to the Tyneside Cinema with Mrs McCartney today to receive The International School Award. It was presented by Dr Niall McCann, a biologist and explorer. He told us all about his work and adventures.

Last Comenius Project Meeting in Poland

During the half term holiday, teachers from The Drive attended the last Project Meeting in Poland for our 2 year Comenius project funded by the British Council. We went to visit the Polish school we have been working with and meet the teachers from the other European countries involved. Pupils prepared a welcome presentation for us. During the week, we worked in school along with pupils and other teachers, as well as visiting some beautiful towns nearby. On Thursday, we were taken to visit Auschwitz. It was an amazing experience and not one to forget. It was very sad to think that so many people (6 million) had lost their lives here during the Second World War.

Comenius Project meeting in Manargat, Turkey

The focus of the Comenius project meeting was to share information about 2 authors from each European partner. The products shared were in the form of bookmarks. A display of all the bookmarks  received are on display in the entrance hall.
On Friday 26th September everyone in school celebrated European Day of Languages. Pupils in each class studied facts about a chosen European country,learned some simple words and tasted food typical of the country. We now have a lovely display in the hall about each country
Comenius Project meetings have taken place this year in Portugal, Sweden and Czech Republic. Pupils from our school have researched and prepared a variety of information and materials for me to share and give to the other European schools attending the project meetings. This has included recipes leaflets for festival foods (Year 3 and 4), leaflets and powerpoints about local and national scientists ( Year 5 and 6) and local folk songs- The Lambton Worm (Year 2 and 3)


Last week 28 teachers from 14 different European countires came to visit us as part of our new Comenius project "A rainbow of cultures " which is sponsored by the British Council. They had a fabulous time in school. The Mayor of Gateshead came to our first assembly. Pupils in Year 6 made special presentations about the local landmarks in Gateshead-The Baltic, Millenium Bridge, The Sage and The Angel of the North.  Each country made a small film or presentation about their country and school which they showed to all the pupils in assembly. Everyone listened intently. They also worked in the classrooms with the pupils to see how we learn at school as well as teaching in some of the classes.


On an afternoon they went to visit some local sites and took lots of photos to show their pupils when they go back to their schools.

Comenius visitors

Comenius visitors 1
Comenius visitors 2
Comenius visitors 3
Comenius visitors 4
Comenius visitors 5
Comenius visitors 6
Comenius visitors 7

school Comenius display

school Comenius display 1

We were awarded the International School Award again in  September 2011 which lasts for 3 years and celebrates all of the international work we do in school across the year.


We have just found out that an application we made to the British Council to forge international links with pupils in Europe were successful. The Comenius project is called "A Rainbow of Cultures. " We are glad to be welcoming teachers from schools in Poland, Portugal, Spain (Gran Canaria), Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, French Reunion Islands, Turkey, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria.


They arrive on Monday 4th November and stay for a week. During that time they will be working in school to teach pupils about their country and town, school life and festivals and customs as well as teaching us some simple words, as well as taking them to see local landmarks.