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Year 5

Spring 1 Information for Children, Parents and Carers

Space Workshop

Pupils visiting Wood Green for the official opening of the garden orchard where some of them worked to create ceramic plaques.

Year 5 Autumn Term Information for Children, Parents and Carers

Summer Term Planning

Spring Planning 2019

Welcome to Year 5!

We are all going to have a really busy year this year, but will haev lots of fun along the way.


There are some important dates that you need to be aware of:

PE Kit is needed on Mondays (weather permitting ) and Wednesday.


Homework will be handed out at the start of each half term, children need to achieve 15 points in total to be included in our class reward. 


Please bring book bags and home school contact books in everyday as letters and comments often get sent out and these can be placed safely in their book bags.


Thank you 


Mrs Cuthbertson  

Year 5 Summer Term Planning

Spring Term Planning 2018

Autumn planning 2017

Spring Term Planning

Autumn Term Planning 2016


Year 5 have been working on a drama project with Year 4 to support Artsmark application.  

Ruth from Northern Stage has been coming to work with us every Monday afternoon on script writing and acting skills linked to the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead. 

We will be visiting Northern Stage this coming Wednesday to have a look around the theatre and also do some sketching of the local area where the fire took place.

We are really looking forward to our visit.

I hope you are all looking forward to coming back to school for the summer term. Please have a look at the planning to see what we are going to be doing.


Don't forget to keep learning your times tables as you will be tested on them regularly.


It is also important to remember your homework, reading books and home school contact books. 

Science Experiments

In our science work recently we have been planned and carried out an experiment to try and make salt crystals.  Some of them worked better than others and we think this is because we had too much water and not enough salt in some of them.

History in Year 5


Our History topic for the summer term is 'Local History'.  If you have any artefacts relating to local history or members of the family who would be willing to come in and talk to the children then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Year 5 PE Gymnastics

As part of PE last half term year 5 took part in some gymnastics, as part of this the children had to plan and deliver a routine featuring a number of different gymnastic disciplines.


Please have a look at our Written Calculation Methods document if you would like some support in how we teach them in Year 5.

Written Calculation Methods for Year 5

Year 5 are currently working with an organisation called 'Equal Arts' to develop music links within the community.  Every week, we go to Eastwood House, a local care home, to join in singing activities with the residents.  We are currently working on making an e-card.  We look forward to sharing the rest of our project with you.

Science Pictures

Spring 2015

L.O. To investigate mixtures and solutions and how to separate them

Use science models to help explain


What properties of materials create the cleanest water?


We were provided with access to a wide range of materials: cotton wool, fabrics, filter papers, empty plastic containers and challenged to create a filter.


We used muddy water from the same bucket this was to see which group could get their water the cleanest.


We then compared the filters created and the water collected at the end of the filtering.

English Spring Planning

Year 5 and 6 Christmas Party

Heworth Grange Meeting

There will be a meeting for all parents and carers with Mr Richardson the Head Teacher of Heworth Grange Comprehensive. This will be held in the hall, here at The Drive, on Tuesday 2nd December at 3.15pm.


We look forward to seeing you.

Pulse Rate Experiment

Pulse Rate Experiment  1
Pulse Rate Experiment  2
Pulse Rate Experiment  3

Pulse Rate Investigation 

Using the outdoor space, we designed an experiment to find the difference between a resting pulse rate and a pulse rate after exercise. We recorded the results, finding that the pulse rate increased after exercise and returned to a normal 70 bmp after 1 minute of rest. 

Take a look at the school blog. If you are unsure of how to access our Year 5 blog then just follow the uploaded instructions below. We hope you enjoy our new blog! 

Blog Instructions.

Year 5 are now blogging! We have created our own WeeMee's and started writing posts. Check out what exciting things we have been up to!!!



Welcome to Year 5!


In Year 5 all the children get the opportunity to learn the trumpet. This lesson takes place every Wednesday. It would be highly beneficial if trumpets are practiced every week and returned on this day.   

If any one has any questions regarding this year, I am happy to help!